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Karan Duncan, CPT
Austin, Texas

   I started my personal health transformation in 2010 at 277 pounds. I turned 40 that May. Coming to the realization that I had lost my mother when she was only 56 to ovarian cancer I knew I needed to make a change. I decided that it would be my goal in 2011 to complete the Danskin Triathlon.

I live a busy life like most of us do these days. I have 3 children at home and have a full time professional career. I have spent most of my adult life overweight and unhealthy. I adopted a no excuses attitude about taking my health back. 

I started my transformation On Oct 14th 2010, ran my 1st 5K on Nov 1st and by June of 2011 I had lost over 100 pounds and was ready to compete in the Danskin triathlon. By the time Danskin came around I had already completed two 5Ks and 2 Triathlons. These events keep me focused and motivated and I make sure I always have something scheduled on my calendar.

The more I learned about the connections between my body, food, fitness and my mood the more I wanted to learn and inspire others. Fitfanatic started as a place where people who were interested in fitness and nutrition could support each other and has become a catalyst for something much larger.

   Many of the things I implemented in my own life this last year and a half were not new ideas. I do believe we are stuck in patterns that make it difficult to create lasting change. I believe we can create a supportive network and a lasting connection that will make it easier to create long-term changes in our behavior and the way we care for ourselves.  I will help you transform knowledge into action! Are you ready?


Brad Duncan
Austin, Texas

    I have played competitive sports since, basketball, football, soccer, skiing, golf, name it, I played it. As I got older and the responsibilities of life took precedent, I immersed myself into an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle.

My family has a poor health history.  I lost my mother in 2005 to a variety of health related issues.  The majority of which were lifestyle related (diet and lack of physical activity), she was 59.  My father is a cancer survivor after completing successful treatment in 2001.

During a recent physical my cholesterol was 263...OUCH!!!  How could that be?  I was reasonably active, didn't eat poorly but it was what it was.  Stress was ruling my life.  All the coffee, sodas, meals on the run, poor food choices...etc had taken their toll.  I realized the odds were stacked against me regardless.  After decades in the corporate world and the lifestyle it breeds, I made a decision not to be another statistic. 

I have watched Karan's transformation over the years and I am continually inspired.  While I was never in a position to endure the sacrifices and countless hours of work that she invested, I decided it was no longer acceptable for me to sit and watch.  I feel that I owe it to my family to set a healthy example for them and "walk the talk".

I believe that true gains can only be achieved as a family.  If only one member is "pulling against the rope", meeting individual goals will be difficult to achieve.  Moms, Dads and Kids must be on the same page, supporting each other, making good choices and holding each other accountable.


Ryan Major
Fredricksburg, VA

Hi there! My name is Ryan Major and I am here to help you get fit and stay that way! I grew up on a cutting horse ranch in the Texas Hill Country. I struggled with obesity my entire life. At the age of 20 I found myself tipping the scales at 309lbs. Through hard work and dedication I have been able to lose over 140 lbs, and I am striving each day to teach others from my own experiences and help them become the best version of themselves by reaching 1 goal at a time.
My husband and I started a journey to fitness together and have lost a combined 250lbs! By learning the correct way to nourish our bodies, and developing a love for working out we have changed our family forever. I love Les Mills Body Pump as well as Body Combat and I am working toward becoming a certified Les Mills instructor and love the DVD workouts as well! We are currently living on the East coast, and I am a work from home mom of 2 girls! I have learned the best way to take care of my family is by taking care of my health!
Contact me today to get started on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself 1 goal at a time!!  You can also follow my personal journey here.




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